About Us

Honey and Absinthe was created by Janet Chan and Vincent Ramos. They work full time in the animation industry, Janet at DIsneyTV Animation and Vincent at Warner Brothers Animation. They wanted to create artwork outside of animation that catered to the alternative illustrative and comic audience. Thus Honey and Absinthe came to be to create work that empowers and inspires others with whimsical and thought provoking themes.  

That's the TLDR version of the story. What follows is the epic tale of how we came to be! We've been traveling to conventions since 2014 and it's an understatement to say it was a journey full of twists and turns. With little to no experience selling art or anything else for that matter, we signed up for our first convention with literally nothing to sell. We worked our tails off for the next few weeks to come up with the few art pieces we could muster and crossed our fingers we'd sell. When the day came, we bombed and we bombed hard. We hardly sold anything and it was a major loss for us. What we got out of it though was an incredible learning experience. We made so many friends and we loved the way it felt to interact with fans who like our work. The feeling was addicting and we knew we had to make it work somehow. We did convention after convention, improving our art and adding new products until we started to hit our stride.

As we got more successful, it is our tradition to help support other artists and businesses at the end of each convention by spending some of our hard earned cash. We were specifically looking for clothing that had great art on it as well as being flattering for women and girls. Long story short, we couldn't find any. We were so frustrated, because everything was either t-shirts of cheap puns or overly sexualized women designed only for men. That's when the idea hit. We'll be the ones to offer them!

After working tirelessly throughout 2017, we finally pooled all the money we ever profited from conventions and launched our first line of sweaters online! Since we are a new business, every cent we earn goes straight back into making new shirts and products. We could not have come this far without everyone who has ever supported us and we hope we can continue to make new and exciting things to show for it.    

For all business inquiries email us at honeyandabsinthestudios@gmail.com