Wondercon 2018 Aftermath and Updates!

Welcome to our first ever blog post! 

In this post, we'll be talking about how Wondercon 2018 went for us, the upcoming updates to the store, and what to look out for soon!

At the end of this post, we will be detailing how each day went for us at Wondercon and perhaps provide some tips and tricks for those who are interested in the convention business. 

Wondercon 2018

First of all, thank you all so much for a GREAT Wondercon this year! We broke record sales and we could not have done it without every single one of you supporters new and old. It was so great seeing old faces again and welcoming new ones! We debuted our new fitness inspired T-shirts there and our hearts are warmed with how well they were received. If you have not yet ordered one, many of the sizes are almost sold out so get one soon!

We are also hard at work working on some final shipped commissions that were ordered at the convention. Thank you for your patience, we will hopefully have them shipped out to everyone by the end of the week. For those who are interested in ordering a commission who was not able to go to Wondercon or couldn't get one because we capped our list, shoot us an email at 

Store Updates!

Now that Wondercon is over, we will be updating the store with what is leftover from the convention and hopefully restocking what we can if anyone missed out on anything.

Since the fitness t-shirt launch went so well, we will be hard at work for our next line of clothing! We will be using every cent we earn from the fitness t-shirts to help print new and exciting stuff. Our next apparel line will be themed: Cheat Day!

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Wondercon Tips

Friday Tip:

Since we both work in animation for our day job, it is difficult to take time off just to set-up at a convention. Most of the time, we set-up the day of and in order to do that we wake up super early. (As early as 4-5am!) We make sure we have everything already packed and ready a week in advance so we don't forget anything and we try to make it to the convention center at least 2 hours before the doors open. We plan out the best parking lot to park at (for Anaheim it's Car Park 6) and we work as fast and efficiently as possible to get everything set up in time and to register for our badges. Wondercon was also great in that they let us bring food and water. Some conventions don't allow it, so we starve sometimes, but Wondercon is one of the best run conventions we've ever experience and the most considerate. 

Saturday Tip:

It is great to be nearly sold out at the end of Saturday. If you are sold out of somethings on Friday or mid-day Saturday, consider making more for next time. If you are not even close to selling out at the end of Saturday, you might have over-estimated how much you'd actually be able to sell. We'd recommend not keeping more than 5 of anything in inventory until through experience you know how much you can actually sell. 

Sunday Tip:

It is best to come as EARLY as possible each day to set-up because the best parking spots for exhibitors are filled within minutes. If you want easy access to the car and easy load in and out, come right when the doors open for exhibitors. The early bird gets the worm! 

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